Certified NLP Coach Monique Piroth uses empathy, compassion and understanding to help you discover your deepest desires and realize your fullest potential

Monique’s passion for human potential development resonates in her coaching style as she offers a clear and effective approach for anyone looking to achieve personal transformation and greater well-being.

With over 30 years of experience under her belt as an entrepreneur, Monique Piroth understands and tailors her coaching to both individuals and businesses alike.  She was the Co-founder of Avant Garde Concept where she had the role of Vice President and Manager. The company specialized in the design and manufacturing of decorations and displays for large chain stores in North America and Europe. Through her years in successfully building this company, Monique gained a lot of experience in personnel management and customer service.

Monique has also taught at LaSalle College in Fashion Marketing. Her experience as a teacher and mentor helped her fine tune her communication skills and convey her knowledge more effectively.

Monique Piroth is a member of the Association of Naturopaths Quebec and SICPNL (International Society of NLP Coaches). Insurance receipts are available if required.

NLP Coaching

The NLP Approach

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

This approach places focus towards the how rather than the why which enables the individual to achieve their personal and professional goals in a fast and efficient manner. It is a practice influenced by psychology, neurology and linguistics.

It is a unique technique to communication and personal development that transforms old mental patterns to increase confidence and develop personal potential through the guidance of a certified coach.

NLP is considered one of the most effective techniques to achieve the following...

  • attain your dream goals or objectives
  • improve your confidence
  • develop leadership
  • manage stress
  • improve your relationships and communication with others
  • improve your relationships and communication with others
  • develop motivation
  • manage interpersonal conflicts
  • find inner peace while learning to let go

Conferences Workshops

Here are some workshops, conferences and trainings that will enrich your personal and professional development tools.



Certified NLP Coach, Monique Piroth listens, understands, guides and assists clients in personal transformation and growth.
For further information, questions or to set – up an appointment, contact Monique via email or phone.